Rental Program...

Do you want to preserve capital or are you in need of short term solutions?

Renting makes sense when you have:

  • Office Expansion
  • Temp Employees
  • Start Up Initiatives
  • Conferences or Special Events
  • Intern Programs
  • Delays in New Furniture Delivery
  • Venture Capital Based Organizations
  • Training Sessions
  • Task Forces
  • Disaster Recovery Needs
  • Contractors or Consultants

Why rent over buy?

  • Preserve capital while preserving credit lines
  • Rental payments are tax deductible
  • Rent to own options
  • Flexible rental terms (no minimums or maximums)
  • Shrink or grow your office furnishings as needed with a consistent look
  • Furniture upkeep is the responsibility of Peabody
  • One phone call will do it! For more information contact

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