Peabody Office Furniture is dedicated to helping the environment through partnerships with manufacturers who have the same green philosophies as we do. We promote manufacturers who are at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing, such as Inscape, HumanScale and Permasteelisa. We have the ability to provide LEED credited products for projects when requested. We encourage our sales team to discuss "Green Manufacturing" with their clients and to be a resource for Facilities Managers in relation to green furniture.

In addition, Peabody Office Furniture monitors its own internal policies for best practices such as recycling programs and energy conservation. We have our own Green Team that is led and overseen by Senior Management. We recycle all paper, brochures, and plastics, and we only purchase recycled paper. Due to the nature of our business, we also utilize local non-profit organizations for recycling fabric and wood samples from our library. On occasion, we have displayed local green products in our Showroom windows at 234 Congress Street. We constantly monitor all of these procedures to ensure we are leading the way as a contract office furniture dealership.

Environmental awareness is no longer a choice - it is an obligation. We're committed to sustainability through our integrated product solutions and seeking knowledge for areas we might help our clients make improvements to support their ecological mission.

Partners like Inscape share our dedication. Environmental accountability is at the forefront of Inscape's corporate mandate. By organizing their environmental program around five specific areas they, and we, are committed to ensuring success today, tomorrow and for a long time to come.


Continuously reducing non-renewable energy resources and substituting required demand with sustainable inputs

Humanizing manufacturing practices, carrier discharges and waste management cycles

Maximizing redamation of raw materials through procurement directed towards closed-loop and biodegradable materials

Exploring innovative measures to increase resource conservation, material perpetuation and operational enhancements

Reducing annual water consumption and discharges by modifying or improving finishing processes