Mobility & Scale

Whether you are a small start-up igniting your dream in a humble space, or a mega international corporation moving into a compound of skyscrapers, we can build a customized solution and deliver within the requested time.  

Case Study: Vertex Pharmaceuticals - Boston, MA

Delivered a customized solution for 1,536 workstations and 695 offices on 26 floors in 12 weeks with 100% on-time delivery


Streamlined Process

From the initial listening of your wants and needs, to the proposing and installation of our tailored solution, then to the follow-up of all your day two needs,  we hold your hand throughout the entire process so that moving an entire office becomes a smooth process rather than a headache. 

Case Study: Jackson Laboratory - Farmington, CT

Ensured the installation of 100 private offices, 200 workstations and ergonomic tools was smooth and efficient


Single Source Supplier

Turning an empty building into a beautiful and functional space is back breaking work. Our unique business model enables us to be the single source supplier for everything you see, from work furniture to wall decor. Who would have known that one-stop-shopping is possible for a corporate furniture project too?

Case Study: Alterra - Revere, MA

Efficiently sourced & installed 100+ manufacturers for a project that included workstations, window treatments, seating & art



Opening an office in Denver? Florida? Hawaii? All of the above? No problem, we can help! Our extensive, national network of manufacturers and installers allows us to act as a single point of contact that oversees the project across different states while keeping your aesthetics and functional standards consistent.

Case Study - City Year - Nationwide Locations

Able to help City Year maintain its aesthetics and standards on a national scale at over 20 locations by being the single-point of contact