We love the environment. And we have awards to prove it.

We don’t greenwash what we say or do—we practice what we preach. We are dedicated to helping the environment through partnerships with manufacturers who have the same green philosophies as we do and who are at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing, such as Inscape, Humanscale, and Permasteelisa. We recycle, reuse and even purchase green power to offset our carbon footprint. If you are involved in a LEED certified project, we can help. Did we mention that Chris is an environmental engineer?


Take a look at what we did when we renovated our showroom:

  • Worked with Boston Building Resources to donate materials like sinks, dishwasher and microwave, lights, and doors, to name a few.
  • Donated furniture to Boston Fire Department.
  • Donated furniture to The Furniture Trust.
  • Allowed employees to take furniture for their home or apartment.
  • Used sustainable carpet tiles instead of broadloom carpet.
  • Purchased high efficiency appliances and toilets.
  • Replaced existing light bulbs with LED lights.

Award-Winning Commitment

Peabody Office has won the following awards for their contributions towards sustainability goals:

A Better City:Most Improved Sustainability Practices, 2011.
A Better City:Practically Green Employee of the Year, 2011 (Dana Deveau).
A Better City:Most Energy Efficiency Improvements, 2011.
Continuously reducing non-renewable energy resources and substituting required demand with sustainable inputs
Humanizing manufacturing practices, carrier discharges and waste management cycles
Maximizing reclamation of raw materials through procurement directed towards closed-loop and biodegradable materials
Exploring innovative measures to increase resource conservation, material perpetuation and operational enhancements
Reducing annual water consumption and discharges by modifying or improving finishing processes