It’s really about the team, but here’s what we offer to our clients.

Project Management

They do it all. Coordinating with the client manufacturer, general contractor and property management, they make sure your furniture arrives and is installed when it’s supposed to. And if there’s any punchlist, they’ll take care of that too. Inventory or asset management documentation, you bet.

Design Services

The creative side of our company. From space planning to furniture specification, they make sure your space is going to look like how you want it to look. And of course that the furniture you want is what is ordered. Triple checking everything is critical to our success.


Chris’ favorite (and pet peeve)! We expect to be at the forefront as much as possible — whether it’s our own internal systems or new products that we can offer to our clients. Using products like Salesforce to streamline our processes to be more efficient, to renderings that provide exact replications of what a client’s space and furniture are going to look like, before it is even ordered! If there’s technology that will ultimately help us and our clients, we want it.


Oops! You forgot to plan ahead. It happens to all of us. If you need something quick because a new employee is starting in two days, or you’re having a function that requires temporary furniture, call us and we’ll help.


Have to remove some stations or offices but don’t want to throw them out? The CEO’s wife doesn’t like the new chairs in his office, but he doesn’t want to throw them out? Yea, we’ll take care of that too (quietly if necessary), and we’ll give you an updated list of what you have in storage whenever you need it.


Locked your only key in a pedestal? Caster come off a chair? Call us and we’ll help. The small things are just as important to us as the big things.


Opening an office in Denver? California? We have an extensive, national relationship with our manufacturers and installers, so we can help. We’ll oversee the project not only from here, but we’ll be on site if necessary. And if you’re going to open an office in Hawaii, call Chris!