International Interior Design Association and International Facilities Management Association are our business industry partners. Love ‘em! So much so that we are a Patron Sponsor to the IIDA.


Heading Home and ‘Up and Out’

Financially supporting the organization but also helping families move into apartments through a Company Volunteer Day. What an experience!


Jean Fridays

It pays to go casual. On Fridays, that is. Employees donate $1 to wear jeans and that money is donated to the Franciscan Hospital for Children.


Turkey Baskets

Using our design backgrounds, we create ‘fun’ turkey baskets that are donated to local families on Thanksgiving. Yum!


Light the Night

Another annual employee event. Raising money and participating in the walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.



Our own Chris Peabody has been a judge for the last 10 years. If you’ve never seen the work of our local architects, designers and engineers, then check it out. Wow!



If you’ve ever sat in a chair on the Greenway, then you’ve sat on a chair donated by Peabody Office. Relax and enjoy the scenery…



Yea, we know the Mayor. And he knows us too. He gave us an award for being around for so long (over 100 years!). Oh yea, and we almost forgot, so did the Secretary of State for our longstanding contributions to the Commonwealth. And the Governor? Yup, him too.


Charities and local organizations Peabody Office is a member of or has contributed to: